Hegelian Neolib Commodification


Hegelian Neolib Commodification of DIS HERE KWEEN. Online chapbook, Anthropoid Literary Collective, 2016.


“This is a text about a text that no longer exists except in my BIUTIKWEENBOT mind. It is a text about a text that was once meant to guide us and is no longer. This is the purest of impure texts, a supplement without origin, a paterless child. It roams its profile corral, knocking against the fence, impatiently waiting to be released from its immateriality. It is a ghost with no body to possess, a desire without object. It is my stupidity x their light. It is fine, divine, sweet, and diligent. It coulda been better, coulda been badder. It coulda been in Spanish or English. I coulda just talked to the man, instead of being so terca, tan pero tan cabrona. I coulda just been like heyumnotok in a more personal way, but then I’d have to become someone, you know, with agency and shit. So really this is a text about and for my ANARCOBITCHES, my KWEENBOTS, and my FAKEFEMMES. I mean, sorry bros of the lit world, I just think they are hotter than you.”