huequitos/holies. La Impresora: Trabajo de Poesía (limited edition), OUT OF PRINT.

(La Impresora), 2016.
(Online version. Aspasiology), 2016.

“Raquel Salas Rivera translated huequitos, little huecos, as holies. The pun is beautiful, but I wondered [can’t] a hueco be alone, in and of itself, without something missing from it? Can a huequito be complete in and of itself. I think of Salas Rivera’s potent arm of femininity, the self-same arm that penetrates, that conjures blood, that knows its favorite tomb. […] The feminine arm knows how far to go. It knows when to stop, when to yield, when to run. It knows when to be penetrado or penetrar.”

—”La(cuna)” by Chloë Rose