Lo nuestro es ternura

Febuary 28, 2019
South Philly Barbacoa

Christopher KP Brown

Jasmine Combs

somewhere in the intersection of my oppressions/ something superhuman in me/ that’ll make all of this strife worth it.

Jasmine L. Combs is a writer, performer, and event organizer from Philadelphia, PA. In 2016 she received her bachelor’s in English from Temple University, where she also served as Creative Editor for the undergraduate literary magazine and Events Coordinator for Babel Poetry Collective.

Jasmine was the 2015 Grand Slam Champion of The Philly Pigeon Poetry Slam, a 2015 National Poetry Slam semi-finalist, and a 2016 College Union Poetry Slam Invitational champion. She also won the 2015 Apiary Magazine STUNG Writing Contest and her winning piece “Night Child” was turned into an animation. Her work has been featured on Button Poetry, SlamFind, Blavity, The Huffington Post, and published in Apiary, Vagabond City Lit, Luna Luna, and WusGood? In 2014 she published her first chapbook Universal Themes.

As a Black woman, Jasmine’s work focuses on the intersecting relationships between Blackness, womanhood, girlhood, mental illness, love, and home. She is currently a member of The Philly Pigeon Collective and a manuscript editor for Literary Bae.

Sojourner Ahébée

so graceful like we’re not even angry,/
so graceful like you couldn’t catch the river in our eyes.

Sojourner Ahébée writes stories about African diaspora identities and the eternal question of home and belonging. Her poems have been published or are forthcoming in The Atlantic,  The Academy of American Poets (Poem A Day), Muzzle Magazine, For Harriet, Winter Tangerine Review, Apiary Magazine and elsewhere.  In 2013 she served as a National Student Poet, the nation’s highest honor for young poets presenting original work. Sojourner was invited to the White House by former First Lady, Michelle Obama, to garner her award.  Her debut poetry chapbook, Reporting from the Belly of the Nightt, was released in August 2017.  Sojourner believes not in the boat that floated her here but what she’ll do with the water.  

Ngozi Magena

My power is not measured by how well I bite my tongue/ or grind my teeth in your shadow.

Ngozi Magena is a writer on a mission to challenge social norms, empower minority voices and stimulate honest conversation surrounding mental health and the human experience, at large. During the day, she works to introduce schools to Restorative Practices in efforts to increase cultural relevancy, decrease minority suspension rates and build community. In the evenings, she dives into her craft–a hodgepodge of screenplays, poetry, stage plays and short stories. In March 2018, she published her debut poetry collection titled Sin & Virtue and in October of 2018, she premiered her debut play “PiecexPiece”

Grace Shuyi Liew

An entire subcontinent kneeled before the execution before the sky turned over and vanished us.

Grace Shuyi Liew’s first collection of poetry, Careen, will be published in April by Noemi Press. She has also written the chapbooks Book of Interludes (Anomalous Press, 2016) and Prop (Ahsahta Press, 2016). She was raised in Malaysia and now lives in New York. She is currently writing a novel on immigration, her family, and the loneliness of America.