tierra intermitente/ intermittent land

tierra intermitente/intermittent land. Ediciones Alayubia, 2nd edition, 2018.
(Bilingual edition)

tierra intermitente. Ediciones Alayubia, 2017.
(Spanish only)

“Imagine that you want to touch the earth, but you haven’t been barefoot for a long time. Imagine that when you take your shoes off and approach the planet’s live flesh, continent, island, suddenly all light disappears and with it the last span of land. Would we have to reinvent the land we (are) miss(ing)?; unearth the forgotten childhood cofer?; feel out verses, new mechanisms for organizing waits and trips to the world of our homeland’s love? The poetics of intermittent land is sometimes cosmic and other times seismic, where we can “see its minutiae from the moon’s crib” or when “the dream avalanche crashes down.” It is in the book that a new desire is forged, the desire of a vertical animal that sews the earth with its steps, recognizing gravity and the sky. It deciphers, between both sides of the dystopic and imaginary line of the horizon, nature’s transformative power.”

—Gaddiel Francisco Ruiz Rivera

Reviews and Interviews

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