UNDER THE BED IS ANOTHER COUNTRY. Hostile Books, online selection, 2017.


“Raquel Salas Rivera’s chapbook, Under the Bed is Another Country […] emerged from that blur, that multitude of source and form (texts, reportage, observations, reflections, etc.) about those whom, from far away, we call our own. [If] we are alive after the catastrophe, how do we speak of our grieving? How do live when we have lost every thing? ‘Find others. / Agree you will never desert each other,’ writes Adrienne Rich. In the blackout, Rivera, similarly, reaches out with that ‘green-grey [of] so much loving:’ we draw light from each other, so we can remember. And in that work, in our very own language, we find, as source and evidence of existence, a livable version of survival.”

—Ricardo Maldonado