x/ex/exis: poemas para la nación/poems for the nation. Bilingual Press/Editorial Bilingüe, forthcoming.

Alberto Ríos, judge for the Ambroggio Prize

“Winning me over entirely with their fiercely rendered tenderness and emergent sense of a simultaneously tough and tender I, these poems and their speaker are, to use so simple a word for so complex a world, strong. Strong. These poems do not play by formality or easy rules-and are all the more compelling because of that, stretching the idea of rules altogether, rules in all things, from written punctuation to living a life. These poems speak passion and clarity and yearning. More important, they simply speak. In an often wild gallop through language and ideas, unfamiliar leaps across singular experiences, I am thrown off the horse many times, but the speaker keeps talking me repeatedly back into the saddle of these poems.”

Willie Perdomo, The Crazy Bunch

“Raquel Salas Rivera writes the poetry of the self split in half and the x factor is where we might discover our levels of resistance to the body’s objectification, sacrifice, and misidentification. Guided by an almost surreal imagery–the kind of surrealism that you can only find in the Caribbean diaspora–“x/ex/exis” teaches us how to write from the silence of captivity with a nuanced bilingualism.  Their poetry is where we survive the difficult questions of love, nationalism, gender, and silence. The lines in these poems work off Salas Rivera’s beautifully decolonized logic and turn until they ultimately construct a nation of truth or cut you until you bleed into a new body. “


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